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LG Quantum 10 Free Apps Deal a Fluke?

April 26, 2011 2 Comments

Back in January we wrote about how LG was giving Quantum users 10 free applications. The free apps were:

1. Cocktail Flow (Value: $2.99)

2. Doodle God(Value: $2.99)

 3. Color Sprouts(Value: $1.99)

4. envision for Basecamp(Value: $9.99)

5. Krashlander(Value: $0.99)

6. Colorize(Value: $1.29)

7. Weave(Value: $2.99)

8. Talking Ragdoll(Value: $0.99)

9. Mobile Sommelier / Food and Wine Pairing(Value: $2.99)

10. Mr. Hat and the Magic Cube(Value: $1.99)

It seems that an issue has arisen with that deal as applications that were offered as free have been disappearing. Not only are they missing but there are issues with the downloaded free apps. A user at WPCentral reported an issue with the weave app being frozen at version 2.4, and with it not even being in the Marketplace anymore there is no option for re-downloading. That user contacted the developers of Weave and this was there response:

The LG campaign was a limited-time promotion where they offered 10 apps for free for 60 days. They should be making a 2nd set of 10 apps available soon. Since LG controls that version of Weave, we have no way of submitting an update. Until they give us back control of it, it will be stuck at version 2.4.

We want all our LG users to keep getting the latest version, so we are going to put the regular version of Weave on sale for the lowest possible price ($1) starting tonight at midnight.

We are also going to be releasing a free, ad-supported version of Weave soon.

Between the $1 price promotion and a free ad-supported version, we hope al our LG users will find that they still have a way to get the latest updates and don’t miss out on features.

Thank you for your support and I hope you continue enjoying Weave!

You have to give these developers credit, they are trying to keep the users’ of their apps happy. The same can’t be said for LG. I can’t believe that a company would offer something like some free apps and then we find out that usage of those apps was only for a limited time. That is terribly misleading and I can’t wait to hear what LG has to say on the matter.

Source: WPCentral


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  • John C

    LG always advertised that these apps would be free for 60 days. After that they would be taken down. Not sure what’s unclear on this?

    • http://wp7connect.com Hyde13

      I think what people are mostly upset about is that the free apps are stuck on an out-dated version.

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