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App Review: Pageonce

April 19, 2011 2 Comments


I didn’t know quite to expect with Pageonce when I installed it from the WP7 marketplace. It was a free service/ free app and that combination along with my bank account didn’t sit right with me. So I did a whole lot of research on Pageonce and what they offer. I looked all over the net looking for any horrible things that has happened (security wise) with Pageonce. After a frantic couple of days I added my first bill to the accounts section… Gamefly. I was shocked! It actually had Gamefly as a bill. Then I added things like Netflix and smaller bills.

The app isn’t about managing your accounts which is what makes it so safe. It is about managing your money. Knowing how much money you have and how much money you owe is key to trying to save some cash. This is by far the best app I have found to try and help manage your money.


The app itself uses the Metro UI beautifully. It looks really nice and it is buttery smooth to use. There isn’t really anything negative about this application, except for the fact that sometimes you may have to refresh the info and you can’t do it from the main screen. It is a completely free service with some options for paid add-ons. You can view everything from your phone or from their site at http://www.pageonce.com/



App info:

Easily Control Your Money & Bills – Anytime, Anywhere
If you need a solution to help coral all of your accounts in one place to make online management an easier and less stressful experience – look no further – Pageonceis the answer to organizing your online life! We automatically organize your accounts and collect your transactions, help manage your bills and send you real-time notifications – all this from the convenience of your Windows Phone 7.


  • Bill management on the go
  • Monitor credit card transactions
  • Check bank account status
  • View detailed bill statements
  • Review investment portfolios
  • Receive account activity alerts and push notifications
  • Safe and secure
  • Remote data destruct in case you lose your phone

Pageonce Security:

  • Your information is protected with bank-level security: We meet the highest standards in internet security and we’re just as secure if not more than major bank facilities. We also meet the toughest requirements set by reputable security
  • organizations like Trust-e, Verisign and McAffee. These guys check our security and privacy systems, and certify us only when we meet their standards. (And we do, every time!)
  • Your Pageonce account is anonymous: Pageonce is designed to work without your name, address, social security number, account numbers or PINs. You’re the only one on Pageonce who knows it’s you.
  • We have a reputation you can trust: Pageoncehas kept the information of millions of users safe and secure. There has never been a security breach and we plan to keep it that way!


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