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Brandon Watsons Refreshing Optimism

March 31, 2011 No Comments

These days the way that people judge success is by numbers. How many sold? How many downloaded? Numbers is all that seems to matter to big companies. Brandon Watson, Sr. Director of Windows Phone posted on the Windows Phone Developer Blog giving some of the stats related to Windows Phone 7 in the last year and while some would view some of the numbers as lackluster Brandons positive twist makes you think about it in a whole other way. Here’s some of the highlighes of his post:

36,000 – People are talking a lot about the number of developers in their ecosystem. It would be easy for us to say that we had 1.5 million given the developer tools downloaded, or we could talk about the number of people we have on mailing lists, but we won’t. We’d rather give a nod to the 36,000 members of the AppHub community who have voted with their wallets and become members of the Windows Phone developer community.

“The number:” 11,500 – What is an app? It’s a question that really begs some scrutinizing. For us, from the beginning, we have always been focused on quality over quantity. We recognize the importance of getting great apps on our platform and not artificially inflating the number of actual apps available to customer by listing “wallpapers” as a category, or perhaps allowing competitor’s apps to run on the platform to increase “tonnage.” We also don’t believe in the practice of counting “lite” apps as unique quality content. In reality they only exist because developers can’t have a Trial API and must therefore do extra work. Finally, we don’t double and triple count apps which are submitted in multiple languages.

We respect that determining what is or is not aquality app is subjective, for example eBooks as titles will probably find their way onto the platform en masse. Still, we believe we have the standards and processes in place to continue ensuring that customers have the ability to quickly and easily locate and acquire quality apps and games that extend the value of their phone.

We’ve been very focused on the quality of the apps in the Marketplace since we first announced the platform one year ago, and we’ve done this by doing what we do best for developers; giving them great tools, tons of sample code and unparalleled support through our incredible Developer & Platform Evangelism team. As a result, we’ve got apps; thousands of them. In fact our ecosystem generated 10,000 apps faster than anyone else, without padding the stats.

1,200 – While the 36,000 registered developers are nice to talk about, the 1,200 newly registered developers we are adding every week is incredibly encouraging. Developers are pragmatists and they are going where there is ample opportunity.

  • 40% – The statistic that gets me the most excited and speaks the most to the work my team has yet to do is the percentage of registered developers who have published their apps. 40% of the fully registered developer population has published an app or game, yet 60% have not yet published. That’s incredibly exciting when you consider the amount of creativity which is still forthcoming.

  • 1 – It only takes one idea. One idea to get you started down the path of building an amazing app or game, reaching millions of people, or maybe just showing off to your friends. It only takes one.

  • In a society where it is easy to get caught up in the negative things I find something inspirational by those who look at the positive. WP7 is relatively new and continues to grow. Buildings are built one brick at a time, in time you have a solid and strong structure, and that’s exactly what I think that Brandon Watson was trying to convey in his post.
  • Source: Windows Phone Developer Blog


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