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Game Review: Steam Castle

March 10, 2011 No Comments

steam castle icon

Game Info:

Steam Castle is the last fortress of hope for Humanity. After fighting a cruel and losing war against the Mechanitrons, the army of Steam Disciples have fallen back to Steam Castle. The Mechanitrons are not holding back and is sending their whole fleet of mechanical air balloons and air drills. Use advanced steam compression technology to fend off as many Mechanitrons as possible before the fortress falls. This is Humanity’s last stand, make it count.

  • Intercept enemies, missiles, and supplies using the Steam Shot Cannon. It has unlimited ammo hindered only by the amount of steam pressure the castle can hold at a time
  • Use the powerful Vortex and Scatter Shots to decimate the enemies or save Steam Castle in a pinch
  • Upload your score and compete against other players for the Steam Castle that did the most damage


Game Review:

With missiles and bombs everywhere, You need protect the world! How are you going to do that? With missiles and some cool power-ups of your own of course.

Steam Castle is a new free game by Elbert Perez (Scribble Defense, Nom Nom Worm, etc.) . It is easy to play, nice to look at and gets very exciting only after a few seconds of game-play.

You play as the fortress itself and you control where your shooting by simply pressing on the screen where you want your explosion to happen. This game gets pretty fast paced so conserving your shots is key. Not that you run out of ammo because its conveniently unlimited but you can run out of much needed steam power, which powers how fast you can shoot. Also picking up extra supplies and power-ups from passing air balloons might determine how fast your game ends. The ‘vortex’ power-up also adds a pretty good looking animation that will have you wondering how this is actuallya FREE game.

This game is a definite must have on your windows phone and it will cost you zilch…


Steam Castle on Marketplace

steam castle 1steam castle 2steam castle 3steam castle 4

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