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Game Devs Thrilled With Microsoft/ Nokia Deal

February 19, 2011 No Comments


We have heard from the press, investors, Symbian loyalists and the two companies partnering together. Now we get a better look at what some game developers have to say.


Mikkel Thorsted, partner, Press Play
"Considering our situation, where we already have Max & the Magic Marker and our soon to be released Microsoft Game Studios title Tentacles on Windows Phone 7, this is great news," says Thorsted.

"We believe that Nokia, with its history of making the highest quality phone hardware, as well as their market position, could be just what is needed to get some real momentum going for WP7.

"I must say, it's about time Nokia left the awful Symbian behind and started depending on better software."


Peter De Jong, CEO, CodeClue
"I think the deal between Nokia and Microsoft is awesome news," says De Jong. "From a developer perspective, Windows Phone 7 is the best platform to create games for, and from a user perspective I think it offers one of the best experiences – I'm quite fond of the OS.

"The deal between Nokia and Microsoft could give WP7 a serious push to market, as Nokia is still the number one handset manufacturer."


Eddie Dowse, business development manager, PopCap
"PopCap has worked closely with both Microsoft and Nokia for many years and our games have enjoyed a lot of success, so we are excited about the possibilities surrounding this joint venture," says Dowse.

"We were a launch partner for Windows Phone 7, building Bejeweled Live out of our European studio.

"We have always been excited about the gaming potential of Microsoft's smartphone platform and are hopeful that this partnership signals opportunities for even more people to experience it first hand."


Sarah Thomson, VP of business development, IUGO Entertainment
"IUGO is cautiously optimistic about Nokia's announcement to take on the WP7 OS," adds Thomson.
"First off, thank you Nokia for finally ditching Symbian and throwing in the towel on the troubled MeeGo platforms. That alone is a great first move.

"IUGO is personally excited to have Nokia pick Microsoft over Android. It's great to strengthen the chances of a third player in the battle between Apple and Google. We like the idea that Microsoft will keep fragmentation to a dull roar rather than the potential for Nokia to produce hundreds of Android-capable handsets that would make developers' lives a living hell…again.

"IUGO has invested early into Windows Phone 7 as a platform with 6 titles to-date. We'd love WP7 to take off so that we're inspired to do more.

"But, on the flipside of this, making the decision and executing it effectively are two very different things. Nokia's track record over the past 4-5 years hasn’t been very good. There have been a lot of missteps.

"Microsoft hasn't had much luck in the smartphone sector either. These facts are making IUGO cautious.
"I do hope that each can compliment the other's weaknesses: WP7 can be an entry into the North American market for Nokia while Nokia can up the ante in handset volume for WP7. If this indeed happens, clearly this will be a win for both developers and users alike.

"No doubt this has made 2011 even more interesting to watch in the mobile space."


Check out what more game developers had to say about the deal at Pocket Gamer

Source: Pocket Gamer


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