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We Need our Zune HD2!

February 18, 2011 No Comments


I am not sure what attracted to me the most about Windows Phone 7. I do know that Zune integration and gaming were definitely at the top of my list. As excited as I am over the 'NoDo' & 'Mango' updates. As thrilled as I am with Microsoft's partnership with Nokia. There has been something missing from these announcements that's starting to bother me. Where is the Zune HD2?

What better way to help the ecosystem even further than to come out with the next version of Zune HD. Lets just go through the many ways that Microsoft releasing a Zune HD2 can help Windows Phone 7.

As cool as the phone factor is and always being connected. What about the people that are locked in to contracts or kids and grown-ups alike that just want a mobile Xbox. A new Zune would be the perfect gateway device for them or just about anyone on the fence.

Creating apps would even be more intriguing to developers if you throw in a few million new Zune devices out there. Its a simple way to expand your consumer base and attract perspective wp7 purchases down the line.

Lately, we have heard rumors of he Zune brand dying. Even I am a bit worried about its non-existence at the MWC. No talks of any new devices , no talks of the Zune brand period. This I believe is a huge miss-step by Microsoft. Their are tons of loyal Zune users and re-branding may not be the wisest choice. People are finally starting to warm up to Zune and this late in the game it is too huge of a change.

Live music? Xbox Music? Just doesn’t cut it. Finally the jokes about the Zune have ceased to exist on the internet and Microsoft should stick to it and finish the job.

What I would do? I would come out with 'Zune HD2: Now with Xbox Live'. But i guess that's just me… What do you guys think?


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