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Nokia Needs a Change and Windows Phone 7 Might be the Answer

January 28, 2011 No Comments

Nokia sales & presence started to dip as smartphones started becoming more common. Especially in the US, they are having tons of problems gaining any traction with their phones. Mid February at the Mobile World Congress they should have more answers to what direction they are taking.

Nokia can definitely come back from this. Let's not forget Motorola had the same issue not too long ago. They used to be kings of the mobile world when pagers roamed the world and then with their super thin Razr phones that were once so popular that they came out in every color imaginable. What happened to them? Smartphones started to appear and wiped them out. What did they do? They jumped on the Android ship while it was still new and gaining momentum. That turned everything around for them and now they are back as a heavy hitter in the mobile market once again.

Nokia prides itself on being a hardware/ software company with their Symbian OS and MeeGo OS. Thing is, times are changing and there is another OS that is brand new and gaining momentum in the form of Windows Phone 7. I think it would be the smartest decision for them to jump ship. The OS is still very new and developers love it. They need to create a flagship type phone for WP7 like Motorola did with the Droid. Recently Nokia’s CEO gave some hints of actually changing strategy…

“There are clearly some gems upon we will build Nokia’s strategy,” Elop said. At the same time, he said the company must move faster than it has if it hopes to regain lost ground. In particular, Elop said the company must have a better strategy around operating systems.

Not naming anyone in particular he also said they needed to “build or join a competitive ecosystem,”

Microsoft and Nokia need each other to make a huge impact in the mobile world right now. With Nokia's high end hardware and Microsoft's head-turning OS, this mobile race would get very interesting in a hurry. A lot of people do not think this would ever happen but I for one think that Nokia won’t let it’s pride get in the way of making the best decision.

Source: AllThingsD

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