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Game Review: Fruit Ninja

January 14, 2011 No Comments

Rating: ★★★★☆

Fruit Ninja is a charming game where someone, I’m assuming your sensei, throws an array of fruit and also bombs at you and it’s your job to slice the fruit before they fall all the while avoiding contact with the bombs. Fruit ninja has 3 different game types. There is the classic mode, zen mode and the arcade mode. All three modes follow the same formula with slight variations. The classic mode is unlimited play but if you miss three fruit the game is over. If you slice a bomb at any point in the game the bomb explodes and your unlimited play is up. Zen mode is all about the fruit. There are no bombs thrown and no limit to how much fruit you are allowed to miss but you only have 90 seconds to slice as much as you can. Arcade mode has a nice twist to things. You have one minute to slice your fruit but they throw what I would call power ups as well as all the fruit and bombs. In this mode there is a 60 second limit, the fruit and bombs are thrown but this time the bombs don’t end your game instead they deduct 10 points from your score. Amidst all the fruit and bombs every now and then you will notice a special looking bright, glowing banana. If you slice that banana (depending on the banana you sliced) one of three things will happen. One banana freezes things, it puts a freeze on the time and slows the fruit down so that you may be able to slice them all with ease. There is a frenzy banana that …basically causes a frenzy. You get what seems like limitless fruit (for the time you have that power up) thrown at you and nothing else. The last one is the x2 banana whose name is self explanatory, it doubles your score from the time you have that power up until it’s lost. At the very end of your game along with your stats is a sensei fruit fact which I thought was something cute to add to the game.

Fruit ninja, I can say is such an awesome concept. It’s the type of game I tend to look for on my phone. Something you can play in short intervals and not miss out on anything by having to stop suddenly. The response is good but it could be better but really that wasn’t a big deal.  There are a few things to unlock, so if you are one of those people who need to work towards a goal try unlocking all the different backgrounds and the different blades to do your ninja duty. The one thing that someone mentioned to me that would make it a little more interesting is if it had a story. I’d like to know the story behind the fruit slicing ninja and his wise sensei. All in all, any cons that fruit ninja possesses aren't enough to keep me from coming back to slice fruit to my hearts content.



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