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Altair VI: Available Now on the Marketplace

January 14, 2011 1 Comment

We interviewed Mr. Matteo Prosperi  last week. He is the game architect for the game Altair VI. Well… we are happy to announce that the game is available now in the marketplace.


This is the adventure of the surviving members of the crew of USS Bodacity, stranded on Altair VI, a remote planet in the peripheral sectors of the colonized space.

You are a member of the Starfleet. Many of your shipmates are here for the adventure, for the excitement, to explore the outer space. Some of them to serve the Republic, to protect the peace, to bring the law in the outer systems. A few are here because this is their only option. You… have your reason too.

On USS Bodacity you have travelled for endless months in the depths of space, moving slowly from planet to planet, delivering supplies to the planetary installations on the outer rim of the Republic.

In the common rooms people spend time telling stories about surviving on the battlefield and celebrating at the tavern. On the observation deck few look at the black, sleepy, unexplored space beyond.

The outer rim is a strange place, and strange people live here, few of them by choice. The planets are scarcely populated, many have just been colonized, other have been abandoned for years. The control of the Republic here is not as strong and ubiquitous as in the central systems and, on many planets, elected officers and passing military ships are the only enforcers of the law.

Since your departure from Helios III, last week, you have been on perfect schedule. HALETTE, the ship control computer, has announced reaching the outskirt of the Altair system a few hours ago. Trouble started entering the atmosphere of Altair VI, not being able to contact the control center of the planetary base. Due to the erratic signal received from the navigational beacon, the control of the ship was switched to manual during the descent toward the surface of the planet. Manual control of a ship, the size of the USS Bodacity, in the heavy winds that swipes the Altarian moorland is challenging… you haven’t been too surprised hearing it crash against the ramparts of the base.

Regaining consciousness, after being smashed against the wall by the impact, you feel very confused. You can smell smoke in the warm air and listen distant screams and the sound of explosions. Regaining your composure you approach the computer console to receive your orders.



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