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Review: Flowerz (WP7GIRL’s first post)

December 7, 2010 2 Comments

Flowerz review

When my husband mentioned the game flowerz to me I laughed at him. Just because I’m a female doesn’t mean a game called flowerz is automatically going to appeal to me, in fact I avoided the game at all costs in protest. One day while searching through the apps I saw it there beckoning to me, cat calling me and I did what any self respecting female from New York City would do I kept my head held high and I ignored it. Naturally flowerz and I kept crossing paths. I checked the reviews and it scored well among my fellow windows phone 7 users. I decided to take the leap of faith…faith in you, my companions in mobile technology.

At first glance flowerz seems to be fairly simple. You have flowers at the top that one by one you use to try and connect three flowers of the same color together. Although simple to start off my interest was piqued. I continued going board by board and of course the puzzles got more and more complex. New things began to come out, for instance flowers with different colored middles that once put three in a row they turned to whatever color their middle was and also a trowel that allowed me to move one flower from the square it was on to any other one that might be empty.

The only real negative thing I experienced while playing flowerz is that at times it seems to lag. You might press on a square to place a flower and it doesn’t respond automatically. I am naturally an impatient person so I would begin pressing the screen and end up misplacing subsequent flowers. This did not occur often but the times that it did I was extremely frustrated.

Being that I absolutely adore strategy and puzzles this game turned out to be a perfect fit for me. I thoroughly enjoyed it and fully intend to continue to enjoy it. As I said the name of the game didn’t appeal to me. In fact it kept me from enjoying this game sooner. For those of you out there close minded like me and don’t want to give this game a try just because of the name, I ask you to put that aside because this is one of the most entertaining games I have played on a phone. Not to mention that it’ll cost you nothing to give flowerz a chance since it is very generously free.

Rating: ★★★★☆


I am a mom, a wife, a wp7 enthusiast and an xbox live ass kicker!

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  • AJ

    Hi WP7GRL,

    Which phone do you use? I have the Focus. Will probably try this one today.

    • WP7GIRL

      Hey AJ,
      I have the HD7. I absolutely adore it. It really is an all in one device. How are you liking your Focus? I really hope you enjoy the game as much as I have, although I am having a real hard time getting past some of the more difficult levels :-/

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