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Earthworm Jim HD: Review

November 14, 2010 No Comments

In the games marketplace description it describes this game as a “refreshing remake” of the cult classic game Earthworm Jim for the Sega Genesis. Being that I played the original game many years ago I quickly downloaded the game.

I was immediately taken back to the mid 90’s – playing on a 25 inch tube TV. The characters, environments, and music were as good as I remembered.

Loading only takes a couple of seconds on my HTC hD7

For those of you who never played the original or the many iterations after.

The storyline involves many colorful characters. Jim (Voiced by TenNapel) was at first an ordinary earthworm who did very earthworm-like things such as flee from crows and eat dirt. One day, in the space above Earth, the evil Psy-Crow had cornered a rebel spaceship pilot who had stolen an “Ultra-high-tech-indestructible-super-space-cyber-suit” built by Professor Monkey-For-A-Head. The suit had been commissioned by the evil Queen Pulsating, Bloated, Festering, Sweaty, Pus-filled, Malformed, Slug-for-a-Butt so that she could further conquer the galaxy. In the ensuing space fight, the suit was dropped to Earth, and fell on Jim. By a stroke of luck, Jim managed to land within the collar of the suit, and it ended up mutating him into the large and intelligent (at least by earthworm standards) superhero he is today.

Jim overhears Psy-Crow talking to Queen Slug-for-a-Butt about the scorch marks left by the suit and her plans for her sister, Princess What’s-Her-Name. Jim thus sets out to rescue the princess, fighting many enemies along the way, such as Major Mucus, Chuck and Fifi, Evil the Cat and Bob the Killer Goldfish, although none of this is apparent throughout the game. – Wikipedia

The gameplay is as crisp as an all touch based adventure game is going to get. This game was not built with “touch ” in mind so a touch sensitive on screen controller takes up much of the bottom of the screen. I suggest downloading the trial first and getting used to the on screen controller as it might be difficult for some to get used to. It works like an actual controller except a quick tap on the icons will do.

Playing this game you will encounter flying cows, evil crows, etc. Basically any game where the main character is a super worm who not only has a gun but whips things using their own head. You have to throw any sense of logic out the window and just have fun.

I had a blast playing the game and thought it was very well done. I would have given the game a perfect 5/5 but some might find the on screen controller too difficult to use.

Rating: ★★★★½

Earthworm Jim HD: $4.99 in Windows Phone Marketplace


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