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An all you can read of Windows Phone 7 reviews…

October 29, 2010 No Comments

For the past week we have seen tons of reviews for Windows Phone 7. Lets see what some sites are saying about the new Windows Phone OS.


Windows Phone strikes the best balance of any smartphone between web-oriented and local storage, using the cloud for info like contacts and apps, tying itself to a PC (or Mac, with a basic client) only for big updates, music and video syncing. Contacts from Facebook and Google beam in, sync and integrate perfectly. Finding your lost phone, photo uploading and note syncing is built-in, automatic and free.



We’re still extremely impressed by the software’s touch responsiveness and speed. In fact, this is probably the most accurate and nuanced touch response this side of iOS4. It’s kind of stunning how much work Microsoft has done on the user experience since we first saw this interface — everything now comes off as a tight, cohesive whole. We haven’t seen any substantial interface lag while using the device, and the short transitions between applications or pages are well suited to the overall experience, although we’d appreciate a way to shorten them or turn them off in some cases — we don’t necessarily need to watch the homescreen tiles spin away and back again every time we open and close apps.


Regardless of my need to cover the platform as a job requirement of sorts, I will be using Windows Phone going forward. This is the system I prefer, honestly and openly, and I feel as strongly about this as I did about the inevitability of Windows 95 over 15 years ago or the righteousness of NT over 10 years ago. The quality of Microsoft’s work varies from product to product, and certainly my enthusiasm can wane depending on what we’re talking about. But I have very rarely ever been this excited about any technology product, from Microsoft or anywhere else, or in its ability to transform a market that has grown very stale with copycat features and products. Windows Phone is not just another smart phone. It’s a revolution.


Microsoft has delivered what it set out to do: a refreshingly different, truly engaging mobile OS. The user interface delights and there are standout innovations such as linking multiple contacts.


I’d say in general that WP7 has struck a balance with its notification system that puts it some place inbetween the competition. iOS either freezes whatever you’re doing and pops up a big bubble right in the middle of your screen, or you can turn that off and get nothing at all. Android sticks everything in the notifications bar at the top and expects users to check that by dragging down. The result is that one gives you a ton of information at the cost of being annoying, the other keeps it all hidden away.

There you have it – For the most part its all great news and praise with a few complaints. Compared to how tons of people criticized the iphone and android devices when they first came out. Windows Phone 7 has a great head start. Look for our review as soon as we get our hands on it.


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